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As promised last month, in this month’s letter I will focus on the recent Members Survey recently conducted. First, I want to take a moment to thank all those that responded to the survey and for the many positive comments and suggestions on how can better support you, our valued members.

Your feedback regarding the sections of the daily reports, as we had anticipated, indicated that most members find value in the specific stocks in the Mid-Day Breakouts and After Market Reports. It is not extremely surprising that most members wanted focus and guidance on which stocks to consider buying as they break out, and insight on when to consider selling stocks as they started to flash technical sell signals with their price/volume action. Of almost equal value to most members were the ongoing news coverage of the Market Commentary, and the educational nature of the Featured Stocks Update in each evening’s After Market Report. It appeared that some members were not aware of the value of “Ken’s Mailbag” which is included in the After Market Report on occasion. This section allows members to submit questions on both the methodology and on specific stocks that are featured (or not featured) concerning the fundamentals and technical action in the market. If the question is of a general interest to our members, the response is included in “Ken’s Mailbag” for everyone’s benefit. This provides members with access to a “Certified” expert on the investment system.  We hope that more members will take advantage of this opportunity to interact, and in future reports you should begin noticing "Ask an Expert" links that should allow for active members to have even greater interaction with's founder.

The feedback on the monthly News was similar in nature. There was a wide range of responses, but most members are most interested in the specific stocks presented in the “Stocks to Watch in This New Market” section as well as the “Current Market Conditions” section providing an overview of the prior months activities.

Almost 80% of respondents reported that they read all or almost all of the two daily reports (routinely published) with the remaining respondents reading at least "several reports each week". This reinforces the importance of having regularly scheduled and timely reports sent to our members.  However, some of the timeliest input you'll receive as an active member is only created when market conditions dictate.  Then, members receive occasional Stock Bulletins, or maybe we will notify you of a Special Report.  Note that the presently running Special Report Series will be continuing shortly, with Part 2 of the series to be published on Thursday, April 3rd, 2008. See Part 1 - "Dow Jones Follow Through" which was published on March 22, 2008 (read here).  This new Special Report Series can help members keep a level head during what may be the most volatile times in modern market history.  This series is a great opportunity for investors to tighten up their understanding of the winning investment system's rules, and get familiar with some of the most timely buy candidates while the major averages appear prepared to rise from what may be looked at later as the "2008 Bear Market Bottom".  The series wraps up just before's Q2 Webcast which has been scheduled on April 16th, 2008 at 8pm EST.  For details on the upcoming webcast click here or go to and sign up, or call 1-800-965-8307 to speak with a helpful associate.  Access to the new Quarterly Webcasts is not included with a membership unless it was specified with a recent membership order.

One challenge we face each day is the wide range of expertise expressed by our membership, with pretty much of a normal Bell Curve of responses. We will continue to address this wide range, from “Novice” to “Expert”. If we are missing the mark from your perspective at any time, please let us know! Also, the feedback showed us that most members are comfortable with the “Ease Of Use” of our web page when they chose to access resources via the internet, but we will always be working to make it even better! 

In the survey area requesting members' suggestions for improvements, there were a number of worthwhile ideas which we are still reviewing and discussing among our site design team. I would anticipate that a number of these fresh suggestions will be implemented over the next few months. If you have any suggestions that might help us improve the way members can navigate and work within our site, please let us know.  Although the official survey has been completed, please feel free to send any questions, complaints or suggestions to; they will be reviewed by the team.

We greatly appreciate the patronage of our valued customers, and we fully recognize that they have helped us make the service what it is today.  We thank all of the loyal members who recently have renewed or extended their membership term before the rate increase.  An additional note some might appreciate is that the introduction of's first pay service (after 5+ years operating the site and receiving input from visitors without ever asking for a donation or a single cent from anyone) was greeted with a certain level of negative feedback as well.  Thankfully, we were not discouraged by the limited but sometimes very harsh criticisms received, and we have continually expanded and added more value for members throughout our 10+ year history.  We look forward to the opportunity to help you profit in the next ten years, and well beyond.  Reaching more people, and being on the receiving end of more positive testimonials from investors who are achieving superior investment results, will be a most rewarding experience.  By making good use of the information that provides, we hope that your testimonial will be among them!
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As always, we remain dedicated to your investment success.

About Newsdesk :'s News Desk consists of experienced investment professionals, CAN SLIM® Certified experts, technical/programming specialists, and other dedicated associates. Each member of the team enjoys a certain skill set that has helped emerge as a leading independent resource dedicated to this proven investment system.
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