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September 13, 2010


Your free membership does not give me an opportunity to evaluate your service. Most services I deal with give me a suitable time period to evaluate.

Best regards, Lionel

Ken's Response:

 September 13, 2010

Dear Lionel:
To allow visitors to evaluate the quality of our unique daily reporting on stocks using the fact-based system, we gladly make available the archives of all past reports that are six months old or more. If you are considering upgrading from our free services then we hope that you should find them quite suitable for evaluating our experts' best work.  In case you did not see the archive reports, see the included links below to the mid-day report and after market report archives - we encourage you to take the time to do lots of evaluating!
After looking at the various sites that you clearly have seen, we are pleased that you are considering the possibility we might have something you can use to help you maximize your gains and minimize your losses using a proven approach to investing. Many websites offer free services and an ability for members to use those free services or to upgrade for even better services. Like them, we are glad to offer the helpful free reports and services on our website - which thousands of people use and enjoy without upgrading to our pay services. For tasteful summer specials on upgrading at a discount go here -
Some restaurants we go to provide customers with free bread or chips.  Most don't even do that though!  And we have yet to find a restaurant that gives away a juicy steak with all the trimmings. Hopefully you can appreciate the analogy, and while you might enjoy your bread, please know that the head chef recommends the porterhouse!

Best regards,

The Kitchen

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